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Annual Report 2009 / 2010

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Community Health Network Areas (GBHA) are a coalition of agencies in the public, non-profit, and private sectors working together to build healthier communities in Massachusetts through community-based prevention, planning, and health promotion. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health established the Community Health Network Area (GBHA) effort in 1992. Today this initiative involves all 351 towns and cities through 27 Community Health Networks. The Greater Brockton GBHA serves the towns of Abington, Avon, Bridgewater, Brockton, East Bridgewater, Easton, Holbrook, Stoughton, West Bridgewater, and Whitman.

The mission of the Greater Brockton GBHA is to work toward healthier communities by promoting collaboration between GBHA partners, providing support to local health initiatives and prevention programs, and educating and increasing awareness of local identified health issues throughout the communities it serves.

The guiding principles of the Greater Brockton GBHA include:

  • Diversity Awareness
  • Collaboration
  • Continuity of GBHA
  • Decrease duplication of services
  • Prevention focus
  • Support for all 10 GBHA communities
  • Meet community needs
  • Communication
  • Flexible participation respecting members’ time

The Greater Brockton GBHAis comprised of members representing over 45 agencies and groups.  These agencies and groups include:

  • Schools (Avon, Brockton, Stoughton. Lincoln Tech, Holbrook Jr. Sr. High, Massasoit Community College, Bridgewater State College, University of Massachusetts)
  • Hospitals and Community Health Centers (Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital, Good Samaritan, South Shore Hospital, Brockton Neighborhood Health Center)
  • Town Agencies (Town of Stoughton, Town of West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater Public Health Nurse
  • Businesses (Walgreens)
  • Community Based Organizations.  Organizations include Health Imperatives, Old Colony Adult Day Health Care, Self Help, Inc., Father Bill’s and Mainspring, Latino Health Institute, South Bay Mental Health, Stoughton Youth Commission.  (For a complete list of member organizations refer to Appendix A at the end of this report.)
  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Others

In 2009/2010 the GBHA received $51,340.00 in Community Health Initiative funding.

The funding came from three sources: Partners Healthcare System, Caritas PET Imaging, Inc. and South Shore Hospital.

Between October 1, 2009 and October 1, 2010, the GBHA expended $33,072.  The following is the breakdown of how the dollars were spent:

Category Money Spent Percent of Total Expenditures
Community Initiatives / Grants Disbursed $11,500 35%
Community Health Assessment $12,000 36%
Technical Assistance $5,000 15%
Coordination $3,000 9%
Fiscal Management $1,037 3%
Meeting Expenses $535 2%
Total $33,072 100%

The Greater Brockton GBHA’s current community health assessment will be used to determine how area towns can improve in the process of eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities and their social determinants; promoting wellness in the home, workplace, school, and community; and preventing and managing chronic disease.


The assessment is vital to ensure a data-driven approach to determining the health priorities of the GBHA. As part of the assessment process, data is being collected from many different sources, including public health agencies, GBHA 22 member organizations, key informant interviews, discussions with community members, community resource guides, and anonymous surveys.  Findings from the community health assessment will guide how the GBHA invests the monies it receives from area hospitals as part of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Determination of Need program.


GBHA Accomplishments



Community Support

  • Disbursed $11,500 in grants and mini-grants to groups and organizations in the Greater Brockton GBHA area.  (Reports from grantees will be available in the next annual report.)
Year Month Organization Project Description Amount Granted
2009 Dec Brockton’s Promise School on Wheels $500
2009 Dec Boys and Girls Club, Brockton Youth activities $500
2010 Feb New Life Temple Fund activities within their South Brockton Youth program to create better social relations in the community. $500
2010 May Associação Caboverdiana de Brockton (ACVB), Enhance its current Youth Enhancement Program (YEP) $3,000
2010 May Brockton Education Foundation, Parents Academy Fund in part the fifth year of the Parents’ Academy workshop series $3,000
2010 May GLBT Youth Support Project, Health Imperatives Develop on-line education course to provide support to GLBTQ youth and parents $3,000
2010 May Stoughton Youth Resources Stoughton Community Garden Project $1,000
TOTAL Distributed $11,500


  • Based on input from GBHA members, provided educational presentation topics at GBHA meetings. Topics included: homelessness, domestic violence, holiday resources, wellness, health disparities, behavioral health, HIV/AIDS, vulnerable populations post-earthquake

Capacity Building

  • Work with SCHC for technical assistance on the following:
    • Steering Committee structure, roles and responsibilities
    • budget and designation of CHI dollars
    • refine vision, mission and guiding principles
    • identify and formalize by-laws
    • develop grant process and application
    • support development of webpage, branding and marketing tools to help recruit a more geographically diverse membership

Community Health Assessment

  • Formed a  subcommittee of interested community partners & community health analyst; devised an assessment strategy to identify priority health areas to drive allocation of resources and carry out assessment activities
  • Presented local data to the general membership of the GBHA followed by a discussion of potential gaps in data
  • Gathered data from local agencies to plug existing data gaps
  • Developed a methodology and script for the community dialogues that included ten viewings of the film “Place Matters” and subsequent discussions and collections of local impressions of social determinants of health in GBHA communities
  • Developed a short questionnaire to be left in strategic locations throughout the GBHA that was completed by residents of GBHA communities
  • Conducted key informant interviews with people who work in towns in the GBHA outside of Brockton to obtain more information about health issues in those communities
  • Compiled a list of relevant programs and services in the Brockton area to determine existing gaps
  • Produced preliminary draft of needs assessment report

Inter-GBHA Relations

  • Contributed to quarterly Southeastern Massachusetts Inter-GBHA meetings
  • Participated in annual joint GBHA meeting with Greater Plymouth GBHA

Future directions of the GBHA

Community Health Assessment

  • Complete the process and move to the evaluation phase

Community Support

  • Continue to support community based projects through grant process
  • Continue to identify and present  educational topics at General Meetings

Capacity Building:

  • website development
  • sustaining Steering Committee leadership
  • leadership development
  • complete by-laws document

Inter-GBHA Relations

  • Continue and expand joint meeting attendance and collaborations

Appendix A: List of Member Agencies of the Greater Brockton GBHA

Brockton Neighborhood Health Center
East Bridgewater, Public Health Nurse
Avon Schools
BMC Healthnet Plan
Brockton Mayor’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Coalition
Brockton Multi Service Center
Bridgewater State University
Brockton Housing Authority
Brockton Public Schools
Cape Verdean Associates
Caritas Christi Good Samaritan Medical Center
Catholic Charities Brockton
CeltiCare Health Plan
City of Brockton
Community Connections
East Bridgewater Pubic Schools
Father Bills and Mainspring
Girl Scouts of Eastern MA
Habit Management
Health Imperatives
Holbrook Jr/Sr High School
High Point Treatment Center
Latino Health Institute
Lincoln Tech
Massasoit Community College
Old Colony Adult Day health Care
Old Colony Elder Services
Self Help, Inc
Signature Healthcare
Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital
South Bay Mental Health
South Shore Hospital
Schools On Wheels MA
South Shore Habitat for Humanity
State Government
Stoughton Public School
Town of Stoughton
Town of West Bridgewater
University of Massachusetts
Value Options
Old Colony Branch YMCA