Multicultural Populations Resources

Multi-cultural and Multi-ethnic

Culture Clues

(African American, Albanian, American Indian/Alaska Native, Chinese, Deaf & Hard –of-Hearing, Korean, Latino, Russian, Somali and Vietnamese)

End of Life Care: Latino Culture; Russian Culture; Vietnamese Culture


Cultural Profiles Project



The Rehabilitation Provider’s guide to Cultures of Foreign-Born;

China, Cuba, Culture brokering, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haitian, India, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico, Philippines and Vietnam:


EthnoMed – The Ethnomed site contains information about cultural beliefs, medical issues and related issues pertinent to the health care of recent immigrant to the US, many of whom are refugees fleeing war-torn parts of the world.


Refugee and Immigrant Health Program


Refugee Health & Immigrant Health

(Bosnian, Burmese, Cambodian/Khmer, Chinese, Cuban, Ethiopian/Eritrean, Gypsy/Roma, Haitian, Indian (Asian), Iraqi, Korean, Kosovar, Kurdish, Laotian/Lao, Liberian, Mexican/Hispanic, Nigerian, Somali, Sudanese, Vietnamese)



African Americans or Blacks

National Leadership Council on African American Behavioral Health (NLC)

Association of Black Psychologists

Black or African American Populations


Black Mental Health Alliance for Education and Consultation, Inc.


Cultural Competence Standards and Guidelines in Managed Care Mental Health for Populations of African Descent


Meeting the Mental Health Needs of African Americans

American Indians and Alaska Natives


First Nations Behavioral Health Association


American Indian/Alaska Native Populations


American Indian Development Associated


Cultural Competence Guidelines in Managed Care Mental Health Services for Native American Populations


Indian Health Service


Meeting the Mental Health Needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives


One Sky Center: The American Indian/Alaska Native National Resource Center for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services



Arab-American Culture and Health Care


Arab-American Profile from the Provider’s Guide to Quality and Culture


The National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA)



National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association


Asian American Center on Disparities Research

Asian American Populations


Bengalees of New England


Cultural Competence Standards in Managed Care Mental Health Services for Asian and Pacific Islander American Populations


Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, New England Chapter


Hmong Health Web-site provides access to health information for Hmong people and those who provide health, education and social services to the Hmong community.


Hmong homepage provides not only basic background and historical information about Hmong people, but also extensive references to on-going research projects, current events, and issues pertaining to Hmong history, resettlement, and repatriation.


Institute for Asian American Studies


Japan Society of Boston, Inc.


Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Asian Americans


New England Tamil Sangam


Pakistani Association of Greater Boston


Saheli Boston


South Asian Women for Action


Sri Lanka Association of New England



Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Persons Who Are Deaf


National Association of the Deaf


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning Persons


Fenway Community Health Center


Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Persons



Hispanics or Latinos


National Latino Behavioral Health Association (NLBHA)


Cultural Competence Standards in Managed Care Mental Health Services for Latino Populations


Hispanic or Latino Populations


Latino MED Journal


The Mauricio Gaston Institute, University of Massachusetts Boston


National Alliance for Hispanic Health


National Hispanic Medical Association


National Institute of Mental Health Information in Spanish


National Latino Behavioral Health Association


National Resource Center for Hispanic Mental Health


Pew Hispanic Center/Chronicling Latino’s Diverse Experiences in a Changing America


Publication about Men and Depression in Spanish