The Greater Brockton Community Health Network Area is a volunteer coalition governed by these bylaws:



1. Steering committee

Governance of the GBHA will be conducted by the steering committee, with the committee comprised of no more than 15 members.

A. Roles & Responsibilities
o       Provide vision & GBHA leadership

o       Set policies

o       Set priorities for the GBHA

o       Develop, follow, and amend by-laws and coalition structure

o       Monitor operations of the GBHA

o       Establish committees

o       Attend at least 8 steering committee meetings per year

o       Rotate members of Inter-GBHA

o       Develop recruitment plan

o       Manage finances and budget

o       Develop RFP;  review and award grants

o       Elect officers of GBHA

B. Composition:

o       Always open to general members.

o       A representative of each sub-committee present

o       Steering committee meetings directly follow general GBHA meetings, which occur on the first 1st Friday of the month.  The steering committee meets every month except July

o       Non-voting members include Department of Public Health liaison, GBHA coordinator, SCHC technical assistance providers, and SCHC community health analyst

a.      Maximum members: 15

b.      Quorum: 5

c.       Terms: There are no terms set for steering committee members

C. Eligibility for Membership:

o       Must have attended at least 6 of the last 9 general GBHA meetings

o       Must live, work or serve in one of the Greater Brockton GBHA communities

o       Willingness to take on steering committee responsibilities (see above)

D. Membership Process:

o        A prospective member becomes a voting Steering Committee member by a vote of a quorum at a Steering Committee meeting.

E. Eligibility to Remain on Steering Committee:

o       Must attend 8 meetings per year (extenuating circumstances can be considered if a member does not meet this criteria). Calling-in to a limited number of meetings is considered acceptable.

F. Resignation / Removal:

o       Coordinator will check in with members who have missed 2 consecutive meetings regarding continued interest and report back to the Steering Committee for resolution.

o       Any concerns with the performance of the Chair will be addressed by the Steering Committee

o       In the event that an officer resigns or fails to attend three consecutive General Meetings or Steering Committee meetings, without notice, then the Steering Committee will elect a replacement from the membership to serve until the next Annual Meeting

G. Action by Writing or Email:

o       Majority rules in voting

o       Voting rights are established after attending at least 1 meeting or receive an orientation by an existing member

2. Officers

A. Roles and responsibilities

  1. Chairperson

o       Serves as the public face of the GBHA

o       Determines outcomes of meetings

o       Votes to breaks ties only.  Does not vote otherwise.

o       Recruits individuals to the Steering Committee

o       Liaise with the Southeast Center for Healthy Communities regarding technical assistance

o       Check request signatory


  1. Vice- Chairperson-

o       Serves as the public face of the GBHA

o       Determines outcomes of meetings

o       Voting member of the steering committee

o       Recruits individuals to the Steering Committee

o       Liaise with the Southeast Center for Healthy  Communities regarding technical assistance

o       Check request signatory

o       Functions as the chair in the absence of the chair

  1. Treasurer

o       Budget review and reporting

o       Check request signatory

B. EligibilityEligibility for officer positions of the steering committee is limited to people who are voting members and have maintained active participation in the GBHA.  Officers must have been member of steering committee for at least 6 months prior to being eligible for election


C. Elections– All officers are elected during a May Steering Committee meeting and announced at the next meeting in June.   The Chair and Vice-Chair act as co-chairs of the steering committee. They are elected to their positions in alternating years.


D. Terms

  1. Chair: Elected for a 2 year term by voting members of the steering committee every odd year.
  2. Vice-Chair: Elected for a 2 year term by voting members of the steering committee every even year.
  3. Treasurer: Elected for a 2 year term by voting members of the steering committee



E. Resignation / Removal– Officers who are no longer able or willing to participate actively in their positions for any reason will resign the position.  Resignation will be submitted in writing to the steering committee. Five voting members of the steering committee are needed to remove any officer for failure to fulfill his/her obligations and/or behavior that is not in line with the mission of the GBHA. If the chairperson resigns or is removed, the vice-chair will step into the role of interim chairperson to complete the term. If the officer voted out is not present at the meeting for the vote, a letter of notification will be sent regarding the removal.


3. Committees

o       Every sub-committee must have a steering committee representative on the team

A. Community Assessment Subcommittee



The mission of the Greater Brockton GBHA Community Health Assessment Subcommittee is to gather information about the health and well-being of residents of the communities within the Greater Brockton GBHA and determine the areas of greatest need. We will then use this information to assist the GBHA in directing resources toward these priority areas.


• Collect, organize, and analyze data to share with the community

• Engage community leaders, health and social service providers, and community members in discussions about how the environment of a community promotes or detracts from the health of its residents

• Identify vulnerable populations within the community so the GBHA may assist them in obtaining resources to achieve an environment in which health and well-being are sustainable for all

• Promote partnerships among community members, service providers, and community leaders to sustain a healthy environment for community residents


The Greater Brockton GBHA Community Health Assessment Subcommittee envisions a future in which community members, service providers, and community agencies will mobilize using information about community health status and environment to work together toward a healthy, safe environment for all residents.


5. Restrictions- Irrespective of the powers, duties and authorizations otherwise herein contained, no officer, steering committee or general member, or consultant will have the power or the authority to obligate the GBHA beyond the limits of the items in the approved annual budget without specific authority in writing from the steering committee or the general membership.

6. Conflict of interest statement- As a policy, members of the GBHA will avoid any semblance of self-dealing or enrichment; discourage any business transactions between members and the GBHA, unless conducted entirely openly and with stringent safeguards. Specifically, members are to refrain from entering into a business transaction between the GBHA and themselves or with any corporation, partnership or association in which he/she then had a substantial interest or held a position as a trustee, director, general manager or principal officer without having previously informed the persons charged with approving the transaction of his/her interest or position and of any significant reasons, unknown or not fully appreciated by such persons.